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Personal development expert and martial arts champion Joey Klein brings transformative, life-changing practices to the public through workshops, speaking engagements, and his new book:

The Inner Matrix

It’s easy for us to look at life and assess it in terms of the people we love, the roles we play, and the responsibilities we have. When we encounter challenges in these areas, all too often, we look for solutions outside of ourselves before looking within. Searching through the lens of outmoded thought and behavior patterns we may never have addressed (or even identified!) takes us on a fast track to repeating and reliving the very unhealthy behavior loops we most need to heal. So, how can we achieve our highest goals and best outcomes if there are internal struggles going on that keep us from being our best selves? How can we change our life experiences for the better?

The answer is Conscious Transformation™, the subject of internationally celebrated personal development expert Joey Klein’s new book, The Inner Matrix: A Guide to Transforming Your Life and Awakening Your Spirit.

Conscious Transformation involves the purposeful examination and shifting of the subconscious workings of the innermost self—the essence of our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual patterns—which Klein calls, “the inner matrix.” Conscious Transformation is an internal development system that allows people to get inside of those fundamental internal patterns, creating the lens through which we experience our lives. Once an awareness of these foundational patterns is developed, we can begin to make profound shifts on a deep level using the tools Klein provides to produce permanent change that aligns us with the vision we choose for our lives.

“There’s a lot of ‘vision’ work out there,” Klein says, “where people are asked to envision what their success would look like, but what I don’t see is work where people are being asked to look directly at their current emotional and mental states first. Pure visualization doesn’t work because when you’re just visualizing, your subconscious mind isn’t buying it. The same is true of affirmations. No matter how many times you repeat something to yourself, if you don’t believe it on a subconscious level, you won’t see the results. So, I don’t ask people to visualize what they want to attain, and I don’t give them affirmations to repeat; instead, I guide them in getting inside the workings of their own mind and emotions so they can start feeling as though they’ve already attained their goals. It’s about becoming accountable for and really seeing in a practical way how that which we do now creates tomorrow.”

These teachings are the culmination of Joey’s extensive study of Eastern and Western philosophy coupled with his in-depth study of martial arts over the course of 20 years. Once he had mastered the physical aspects of the art, he became deeply interested in further exploring the mind-body and spirit-body connection intrinsic to martial arts practice.

“People are often familiar with the physicality of martial arts, but at its heart, martial arts teaches the art of controlling one’s emotional and mental state so that you can be effective physically,” says Klein. “For example, if you’re in the ring and take a hit to the face, if you get angry, you’re going to lose that fight. It takes a huge amount of self control and discipline to take that hit, remain calm, and still be thinking about your strategies for success.”

Klein has also spent a decade diving into scientific study of neuroscience and genetics, which support his holistic methods. “Neuroscience teaches us that when we experience fear, we process our emotions in a very specific way; the brain stem lights up, and we lose our critical-thinking ability, which is a frontal lobe activity. Love-based actions and thinking, such as joy, passion, and enthusiasm are also compromised when the brain stem takes over and the frontal lobe shuts down. If you’re visualizing winning at an athletic event but you’re afraid of competing, visualizing is never going to translate to the win. However, if you can align with the experience of joy you believe you will have and bring that emotional state into the present, you support yourself in succeeding.”

To help people achieve this degree of internal alignment, Klein teaches in-depth programs on the mind, emotions, body, and spirit. Some of the topics explored include:

* How and why to design a vision for your life
* Getting a good night's sleep
* Maximizing productivity
* Entrepreneurship
* Leadership
* Creating a healthy work/life balance
* Improving focus and concentration

* Managing stress and relaxing deeply
* Connecting with people and creating a deep sense of belonging
* Emotional intelligence
* Parenting
* Overcoming depression and anxiety

* Achieving lasting weight loss
* Living with health and vitality

* Effective meditation techniques
* Creating purpose and fulfillment in your life

“We focus on mental, emotional, and spiritual development first and we approach it like exercise,” says Klein. “We support you in developing your capacity for emotional management. Once you can better manage the mind and emotions and learn how to self direct and self motivate, this leads to the outcomes in life that you would like to experience.”

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