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International corporate and personal mastery expert and author Joey Klein helps leaders transform limiting patterns and maximize hidden potentials using neuroscience, ancient wisdom practices and psychology - within his Inner Matrix Systems™ methodology.

While social, economic, social and business uncertainty remains, leaders and individuals are hungry for tools to help them manage the unknowns experienced during times of crisis and change. We can’t control what’s going on around us. Within each of us is untapped potential, as well as limiting patterns that can be detrimental to our potential and best selves. Unveiling these core areas and learning to shift their established paradigm within will lead to a far happier, more productive and fulfilling life.

That’s the message of international corporate and personal mastery expert and author Joey Klein, founder and CEO of Inner Matrix Systems™ ( Over the past 20 years, Klein and IMS have developed a proven approach (technology, tools, techniques and community) that teaches individuals how to apply the art and science of personal mastery to their lives.

Author of "The Inner Matrix: Leveraging the Art & Science of Personal Mastery to Create Real Life Results" (June 2021,) Klein has long been considered an expert on the inner game of performance. IMS trains people inside the Inner Matrix Method, a powerful synthesis of the art of mindfulness and the science of neurobiology to rewire, train, and align the nervous system, emotions, and thought strategies to create real life results.

“Put simply, we give people the ability to train their inner matrix (mind, emotion, and intuitive aspect ) to access whatever they want to access during any moment, regardless of what's happening in their outside world, and the skillset to take action from their highest capacity and their greatest ability.”

Since developing Inner Matrix Systems over the last 20 years, Klein has focused the training in his Power Series, a year-long foundational program which consists of quarterly weekend intensives, complimented by weekly multimedia training classes, each concentrating on a key aspect of the self:

- Power of Emotion
- Power of Focus
- Power of Vision
- Power of Intuition

These programs empower leaders and individuals to tap the inner resources they need to live and lead with greater purpose, productivity, joy, and fulfillment. They are available online to ensure people have access to tools for transformation through the pandemic.

Klein has been a lifelong learner whose current work at IMS is a synthesis of intense study and practice in several disciplines including meditation, martial arts, psychology, and spiritual traditions.

“People are often familiar with the physicality of martial arts, but at its heart, traditional martial arts teaches the art of controlling one’s emotional and mental state so that you can be effective physically,” he says. “For example, if you’re in the ring and take a hit to the face, if you get angry, you’re going to lose that fight. It takes a huge amount of self-control and discipline to take that hit, remain calm, and still be thinking about your strategies for success.”

Klein also spent a decade exploring the scientific studies of neuroscience and genetics that bolster the methods he teaches.

“Neuroscience teaches us that when we experience fear, we process our emotions in a very specific way; the brain stem lights up and we lose our critical-thinking ability, which is a frontal lobe activity. Love-based actions and thinking, such as joy, passion, and enthusiasm are also compromised when the brain stem takes over and the frontal lobe shuts down. However, if you can align with the experience of joy you believe you will have and bring that emotional state into the present, you support yourself in succeeding.”

Topics Joey Klein focuses on include:

* How to name a vision for your life and create an action plan to achieve it
* Getting a good night's sleep
* Maximizing productivity
* Entrepreneurship
* Leadership
* The illusion of work/life balance
* Improving focus and concentration

* Creating vibrant relationships
* Overcoming anxiety and taking action anyway
* Managing stress and relaxing deeply
* Connecting with people and creating a deep sense of belonging
* Emotional intelligence
* Parenting
* Overcoming depression and anxiety

* Achieving lasting weight loss
* Living with health and vitality

* Meditation: the right internal practice to see results in life you're looking for.
* Creating purpose and fulfillment in your life

These lessons are as important for people in their everyday lives as they are for the high-performance CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals Klein teaches around the world.

“We focus on emotional, mental and spiritual development first and we approach it like exercise,” Klein says. “We support you in developing your capacity for emotional management. Once you can better manage the mind and emotions and learn how to self direct and self motivate, this leads to the outcomes in life that you would like to experience.”

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