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Managing the Unknown

Today more than ever, business owners need to be able to rapidly adapt as the pandemic, recession and other crises render short- and long-term plans obsolete. International corporate transformation expert and author Joey Klein discusses how managing emotions can help leaders maintain agility, focus, and results.

3 Steps to Inner Peace

Klein explains how to 1. recognize your emotional state; 2. breathe to become centered; and 3. name the internal action you need to take to access peace and acceptance — and how this can help you achieve the results you seek.

Politics Pushing Your Buttons? Get Centered

Klein explains techniques people can use when they feel emotionally triggered to “take empowered action from a love-based space, rather than one that is reactive, fearful, or destructive.”

Get Out of Problem-Solution Mode

Most executives and CEOs Klein has trained approach management from a problem-solution paradigm. He explains why creating impact through influence is a better way to achieve the outcomes leaders are looking for.

Internal Training: Lead Yourself First

The key to leading and training others is teaching them to “be internal first.” Klein explains how to actively direct your emotions and your state of being before you take action.

Pitfalls of High Performers

CEOs and other top performers are obsessed with actions they feel they need to take. They often don’t take care of themselves in terms of eating healthy, exercising, and doing the things they need to do to maintain mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. They end up “creating a performance deficit” and working far harder than they need to, Klein says. He explains how to break out of these patterns.

How Fear Makes Us Stupid

Fear shuts down creativity, optimism, joy, passion, and the critical thinking we need to face the challenges in front of us. It can render extremely intelligent and competent people unable to see solutions and take positive action. Klein discusses how accessing a “love-based” state of being helps us perform better — and find joy in what we are doing.

Manage Your Emotions to Create Your Best Life

A common mistake most of us make is using our emotions to validate the accuracy of what we perceive, rather than to inform us of our own internal state, Klein says. He explains how identifying the emotion, breathing, and naming the action we need to take internally transforms us — and helps us get the results we seek.

The Tiny but Powerful Secret for Creating and Sustaining Vibrant Relationships

Our relationships are defined by “micro-steps,” small actions and words we repeat over time. They can grow or destroy trust, joy, and intimacy, depending on whether they are positive or negative. Klein explains how words and actions have a compounding effect, and how changing the “primary emotion” we feel about someone can completely transform the relationship.

Success Secrets of a Martial Arts Champion

Klein has spent a lifetime studying a variety of martial arts styles and wisdom traditions from around the globe. He shares what he learned that helped him succeed as a three-time world martial arts champion, international corporate and personal transformation expert, CEO, and author.

Mind Over Fat: Transformational Tips for Fitness

Nearly 70% of Americans are overweight or obese, but recent studies show that the subconscious brain has a greater impact on our behaviors, including eating, than we ever thought possible. How can we make real change when our subconscious is working against us? Klein explains how we can break through these barriers and train our brains to work for our bodies.

Love on the Rocks? Retrain Your Brain

Every couple goes through ups and downs. When the going gets tough, having resources to help you and your partner get through it with love and kindness can make the difference between making up or breaking up. Klein shares life-changing tips for transforming your closest relationship into its healthiest state.
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